User Compatability for Anilist

I use the API to get a list of all the shows both users have rated.

Then I harmonize the scale. This is because different people use the scale in different ways. I do it like this: From the shared shows I find each users average score and standard deviation from that, and then create a new scale where each show has it's score measured in standard deviations from their mean. Those scales can be compared directly.
(You have a show 1.2 standard deviations above your average, and the other person also 1.2 standard deviations about his average, that's the same rating in this system)

The end result is something like "average shared deviation difference", a number that says how similar people tend to rate their shows.

TLDR; Above 1 is pretty different, below 1 is pretty compatible

Compare two users (name)

Difference: --, Shared shows rated: --

0.7 - 1.0 is normal

For people below 0.6 I suggest marriage

Compare to all you follow (name)

This may be somewhat heavy on resources on Anilist's end. Be gentle.

pagenumber(25 per page). New pages get appended

Anilist has a 90 calls per min limit, so after 3 pages you have to give it a minute rest.

User Difference Shared entries